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Dave Leggett | 26 September 2003

I got caught in a bad traffic jam last night. You know the scenario I'm sure. Brake lights all on in the distance, in a place where the traffic should be free flowing. Alarm bells ringing in my head, going to be late. Traffic grinds to a halt. We crawl for miles. Relax. You're not going anywhere fast. The flashing blue lights of emergency vehicles get closer. Human nature being what it is, you want to see what's caused it (anyone who says they've never rubber-necked is a liar). See a few mangled vehicles and instantly feel guilty for cursing the jam - some people are really having a bad day. But the road is blocked and there's a police diversion. Say hello to even more backed up traffic. Here we go. More grief. Starting to get cheesed off. And then I get my cheap thrill. I turn off the road at first opportunity and try and work my way around the blockage on back roads. This could go horribly wrong. I'm in the middle of the countryside on a narrow single lane carriageway that could turn into a farmer's track at any moment. Was that an animal? It's pitch black. No-one to ask for directions. I'm really on my own. T-junction. No signs. Which way? Thataway, I think. After 15 minutes of inspired guesswork, I've rejoined the main carriageway and by-passed the blockage. Behind me the road is empty. Yes! I am the may-yan. Punch the air. Calm down Leggett. In-car sat-nav would have helped of course, but it would be a shame to lose that buzz. Simple things and all that. I've also realised lately that I actually enjoy looking at maps and weighing up the routing options. Am I unusual in not wanting to be spoon-fed by technology?


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