Blog: Dave LeggettShrink-wrapped BMWs

Dave Leggett | 22 September 2004

I see BMW is now shrink-wrapping some of its vehicles in plastic – notably the Graz, Austria, built X3 small SUV - to protect them from damage in transit. Apparently, the conventional solution to the problem of incurring in-transit scratches is to apply wax and then de-wax the vehicle at its final destination. The shink-wrap must cost quite a bit to do though, much more than waxing I would say. But then if it’s used on high-margin cars, I guess it can also be justified as a luxury differentiator. I wouldn’t expect to see this on Ford Fiestas anytime soon though.

So get ready for the new I-Spy game on the roads: “Ooh, look at that. Shrink-wrapped cars!” To which you must reply: “Well done, that’s your starter for ten. And now for another ten points, Scumbag college, can you name the make and model underneath the shrink-wrap plastic? No conferring.”


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