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Dave Leggett | 12 April 2006

I'm not champing at the bit to see the film Basic Instinct 2, to be honest. I'll concede that the first Basic Instinct, if not a cinematic masterpiece, had its plusses. There was pacy direction, a decent story and a good performance from Sharon Stone. Her and co-star Michael Douglas were in their acting prime. Film sequels always risk being unfavourably compared to the first film, but some subjects don't lend themselves easily to a follow-up.

BI2 has had such a severe mauling from the critics that it seems prudent to wait for the film to be at Blockbuster or on cable, rather than actually go to a cinema to watch it. That said, some of the reviewers say the film works as an unintentional comedy. No thanks. I get embarrassed on behalf of the actors concerned and Sharon Stone was excellent in Casino and I'd rather not remember her for a below par performance in what sounds like a turkey.

Anyway, there is a product placement element to the movie which is worth noting. There's a Spyker C8 Laviolette playing a supporting role in the opening scenes (and even if the film is a turkey, the opening scene sounds like one which will be long remembered and possibly acquire a certain cult status - kudos to Spyker).

We've just published a feature by David Robertson looking at the subject of product placement which also includes some insights into how the Spyker made it into BI2. Reminds me a little of the TVR that was in the film Swordfish a few years back.

Product placement by auto firms is nothing new but it could be gaining in importance, along, dare I say it, with so-called 'new media', as traditional forms of advertising decline (due to things like decreasing sales of daily newspapers and also that electronic gizmo that takes out the TV ad breaks for you when you record). Interesting subject in a world of increasingly fragmented media.

Link to feature is below. 

FEATURE: The rise of product placement in marketing strategies


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