Blog: Dave LeggettShakin' yer (Mégane II) ass

Dave Leggett | 8 September 2003

Must admit to finding Renault's 'shakin' yer ass' TV ad campaign for the Mégane II pretty funny. And it must have made an impact too if the complaints from the puritan brigade are anything to go by. They'll have their work cut out with the so-called Mégane Sports Tourer though. Sylvie Calmettes, Renault UK's product manager for Scénic, Mégane Sports Tourer and Mégane Sports Saloon seems to view any sales of the Turkish-built wagon derivative in the UK as a bonus. At least this market niche gets a shake-up with Renault's entry (and for Renault it means a bit more volume for expensively developed RHD cockpit and steering systems).


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