Blog: Dave LeggettSerious Chery

Dave Leggett | 30 March 2005

How seriously are people taking Chery in the West? Ah, the Chinese I hear some say, cheap and quite possibly a little bit nasty on the quality front. No brand equity. Inferior and untried products, of course. Think early Proton, Kia Pride with its ironic white-walled tyres, cheap Peroduas, Daewoos. Bottom of the market, bargain basement material. Blatant copycats like the Chery 'Matiz' QQ. Plants that churn out toys for Happy Meals and white goods suddenly turned over to car parts and snap together cars. Plastic fantastic. Lawn mowers for engines? Pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap. Cars for the kids no less. Yugos from the Far East. Another flash in the pan before they are rumbled by the market. Remember how Hyundai got bounced out of the US in the 1980s on quality? But they'll try, bless 'em. We'll be fine though.

Er, maybe it's not quite like that (but luxury brands aren't cans of beans and take time to establish)? 

EXCLUSIVE: USA: Chery stalking the German luxury car sector’s profits


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