Blog: Dave LeggettSegment buster?

Dave Leggett | 21 February 2006

As the Geneva Show draws near, discussion of some of the product on display is gaining momentum. One vehicle that is already causing a little stir is the Ford S-Max, which is a production car debut in Geneva next week. It’s a MPV Jim, but not as we knew it. The car is based on the next generation Mondeo platform, has a sporty appeal and is designed to appeal to the European D-Segment demographic that has been deserting cars like the Mondeo and Vectra in recent years.

Will it get ‘Mondeo man’ excited and back into the fold? Can sporty MPVs ever get wide acceptance in the marketplace (the Seat Altea didn't exactly fly)? It is an experiment that other carmakers are sure to be watching closely. Ford is potentially first to a new and sizeable sub-segment.

EXCLUSIVE: UK: Rivals likely to eye new Ford closely


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