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Dave Leggett | 14 March 2007

Where has the grand strategy to turn SEAT into a southern European sporty, flair brand - something with shades of Alfa Romeo - gone wrong? I think the answer lies with product.

Take a look at the bulbous rear on the Toledo - a hit in the Spanish taxi market maybe, but not exactly sexy. What was Walter thinking? And Altea is, let's face it, just another MPV that looks remarkably like a tall version of the Leon. It should have been Toledo or Altea, not let's do both.

Where's the roadster? Or coupe? Leon Cupra R deservedly has its fans, but that is a hot hatch.

Sporty is probably the way to go, but there's a need for one halo model I'd have said, to give the overall brand image a boost.

The danger with backing off from sporty to broaden SEAT's appeal is that VW Group brand overlap issues simply intensify again. SEAT and Skoda fighting it out for the mantle of poor man's Volkswagen isn't a good scenario.

GERMANY: Winterkorn to mandate new image for Seat brand


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