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Dave Leggett | 17 October 2007

I'm a little surprised that Seat is not going to import its 2WD variant of the Altea Freetrack to the UK, preferring to mainitain a premium 4x4 image (tempered by the fact that this is also supposed to be an 'affordable 4x4'). I am a tad surprised though, given the success that the FWD Nissan Qashqai is having here. That vehicle suggests people like a bit of utility and a nod to a more rugged world (not one that overtly equals pushchairs, prams and pottys - MPVs) but don't necessarily want to buy in to all-wheel drive.

Given that Seat already does a 2WD version of the Freetrack, it could at least introduce the version and see how it flies, alongside the full-on 4x4 which can be marketed to the likes of the Forestry Commission. I don't really see how a 2WD version necessarily undermines the image of the 4x4 one if that one is being especially aimed at niche fleet buyers.

Maybe the factory can't produce enough 2WD Freetracks or something like that, but I'd have thought Seat could really have had a good go, especially given the £/€ rate which gives plenty of margin to play with. It could have been positioned slightly above the Qashqai as a crossover with a bit more flair. There again, maybe they really are serious about moving Seat upmarket - with those prices on the Freetrack 4, it would perhaps seem so.

UK: Seat rules out 2WD Altea Freetrack


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