Blog: Dave LeggettScrappage incentives

Dave Leggett | 10 February 2009

I get the impression there's a head of steam building behind the idea of scrappage incentives to kick-start the car market across Europe. Even in Britain, the idea seems to be getting a revisit from an originally sceptical government. I was talking to JD Power's Pete Kelly earlier about them earlier. His take was that they are not yet having the hoped for impact in the countries where they are in operation.

That figures, in my book. I think they come into their own as a supportive measure, at the margin, when things are looking rather better than they do now. But, as soon as things are less grim and people are more hopeful about the future, such incentives could act as a useful factor that takes people over the tipping point at which they decide to buy a car. That's maybe the second half of this year. But let's get them in place sooner rather than later - what's to lose? At least they would get people talking about buying a car...


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