Blog: Glenn Brooks'Scandal of upbeat car industry news grows'

Glenn Brooks | 12 January 2012

How great has it been to see so many positive news stories emerge from the Detroit motor show? Might there be something deeper going on?

I possibly over-expose myself to media. But as a writer the only real danger with that is if you stop reading and listening to what others are saying. Do that and you slowly start believing mostly in your own bias, and then, far worse, that most unattractive and dangerous of companions, an outsized ego. Oh the irony of having just written that sentence in a blog.

Back to the point. US media, media in other nations, just about anyone that these journalists pushed a microphone at - all seemed to ooze positivity. Remember that word? It seemed to vanish almost without trace around the third quarter of 2008 for the industry that surrounds the sales of new light vehicles in the US market. Now, life is returning. Possibly, and I will whisper it, strongly.

I've been inspired to bash out some thoughts on all this. See what you think. Considered, opposing views especially welcome.


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