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Dave Leggett | 7 June 2005

I've had some info through from SsangYong, the brave creators of the cavernous but quirky (that's being kind) looking 11-seater Rodius MPV. Ken Greenley, the man responsible for SsangYong's designs, has some interesting observations on anthropomorphus differences between different parts of the world. This sort of stuff rarely gets an airing, so I'll share one particular snippet here:

"..compared to north Europeans, Koreans have shorter legs and longer torsos - their spines are longer. A Korean of average height couldn't touch the pedals of a Mercedes but his head would be pushed into the roof. It was the first time [when designing the Musso] the anthropomorphus differences between parts of the world had been brought to my attention in car design.

"I remember the very first car I stepped into in South Korea was a locally-produced Opel Senator. I'd worked on that very car at General Motors yet there was so much space in the back behind the driver I thought at first they'd stretched its floorpan. Then I realised the driver was sitting right up against the steering wheel."

But then, when it came to bigger vehicles in Korea back in the 1980s, the guy who signed the purchase cheque normally sat in the back anyway (same in China, actually), so maybe customer feedback on the squashed driver took time to get through...

Well, past visits to Seoul meant that I had an inkling Koreans were shorter than Europeans, sure, but a longer spine? You learn something new every day.



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