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Dave Leggett | 20 February 2007

Hardly a day goes by without a new Chinese automaker to attempt to wrap one’s tongue around. Zhongxing is another lesser known hopeful that is looking to enter the US market and is currently fishing for dealers. Zhongxing? Is it pronounced zonk-in, zonk-jin or zonk-chin - or zong rather than zonk? I couldn’t give you a phonetic spelling I’m afraid, but the company has, showing apparent consideration for its target export territory, come to our aid. Its global marketing company goes by the name ZX Auto, which is a bit easier to say if you are a linguistically challenged long-nose.

There seems to be no shortage of small independent makers in China suddenly aiming to export SUVs and pick-ups based on slightly out-of-date Japanese designs. Can they find a market? Interesting that they seem to steer clear of each other’s toes (you take the US, we’ll go for Western Europe). Why, it almost smacks of central planning!

EMERGING MARKETS: ZXAuto aims to become first Chinese automaker to sell in US


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