Blog: Dave LeggettSaturn - 'American Opel'?

Dave Leggett | 25 February 2009

Was GM right to can Saturn? Mark Bursa's latest commentary for just-auto neatly articulates some thoughts on this question. I must admit I was surprised to see it effectively dumped in GM's latest plan. As Coolbear notes, you could argue that its time has actually finally come product-wise and that running it out of Europe  - effectively as 'American Opel' might have helped.

What will happen to Saturn now in the MBO scenario? You can be sure that some in the industry will be eyeing a ready-made US network.

ANALYSIS: Has GM got it wrong on Saturn?


Has GM got it wrong on Saturn?

A Saturn MBO could backfire badly on GM. Mark 'Coolbear' Bursa wonders whether a more radical approach might be needed as the General seeks to avoid Chapter 11....


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