Blog: Dave LeggettSaturday Night Live does Detroit

Dave Leggett | 26 November 2008

You may already have heard that the NBC Saturday Night Live team lampooned the Detroit 3 CEOs following their performance in Washington last week. The satirical TV slot homed in on their travelling arrangements and also an apparent lack of a plan. The cheap shots at the product are a bit worrying given the strides taken to improve quality - proven in independent industry surveys.

So, SNL is being a little unfair and still getting laughs - that's perhaps a reminder of how long it takes to change perceptions, even if the product is really better.

Mind you, the three CEOs did rather set themselves up for a pummelling by arriving in private jets and not having some sort of roughly sketched out plan/scenarios beforehand.  

If you want to see the clip, YouTube have taken it down now due to 'copyright issues'. It was there yesterday, but isn't today. Has someone taken offence and called in the lawyers?

Anyway, you can still see it on autoblog (maybe watch it before NBC get on to that).

US: Detroit CEOs may leave the 'planes behind next time


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