Blog: Dave LeggettSat-nav

Dave Leggett | 22 June 2007

OE sat-navs appear to be a horrendously over-priced option in many options lists, although they are gradually getting cheaper. I don't quite get it though. You can pick up a Tom-Tom portable sat-nav for a few hundred euros at any electrical goods retailer, but vehicle manufacturers still try to get new car buyers to pay ten times that for a factory fitted system. And you can't even take the factory fitted one with you to use in another car or when you are on foot.

I guess it might be different if you are driving a high-end prestige car. A Tom-Tom stuck on the dashboard or windscreen with a sucker might not be in keeping with the image. 

But how often do you need sat-nav though unless you are a sales rep or courier? Most of the time, we know where we are going. Sure, there are times when sat-nav is very useful, but what are people prepared - in mass market car segments - to pay for that very occasional use of an 'embedded system'?


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