Blog: Dave LeggettSARS silver lining?

Dave Leggett | 14 May 2003

Saw this bizarre news item about how the car market in China is actually getting a boost from the SARS virus and I am picturing Eric Idle (Monty Python) in a car showroom. On a serious note, I guess the people bringing forward purchases due to SARS probably don't need a lot of persuading.

Step this way sir. You look like a discerning individual if I may say so. Came here by bus? Oh dear. Let me give you some advice: you do not want to be travelling on public transit systems with the great unwashed, sharing airborne viruses and all that squire. No sir! Get yourself one of these nice and comfy mobile steel shells - we call this model the GSR. That stands for Global SARS Resistant. Just keep the windows wound up and you'll be right as rain. Those nasty SARS bugs are totally outwitted as are a lot of other unpleasant critters and noxious substances. There's even a special surgical mask holder built into the door sir, should you have to exit your SARS-free environment for any reason. And I think this model comes with a year's free supply of masks......let me just check.....yes it does. Your lucky day squire. The offer expires tomorrow so I'd sign now if I was you and wanted to protect my family. Here's the finance package for you sir and I tell you boss'll hang me for this, but we'll throw in floor mats. Can't say fairer than that can I? I'd be taking bread out of my children's mouths. Just sign here and your GSR protection is ready to go squire. No more SARS woes. Next!


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