Blog: Dave LeggettSARS and Shanghai-VW

Dave Leggett | 9 May 2003

In London today I was presented with the slightly unnerving sight of a fellow passenger on the Underground railway (subway) kitted out with a surgical mask, presumably to lessen his chances of contracting SARS. I kid you not. The probabilities involved must be akin to making sure you have rubber-soled shoes on just in case you get struck by lightning. Maybe he's one of those guys who just cannot believe anything he reads in the media. Or, as someone else said, perhaps he's really well connected and knows something we don't. How we laughed.

This comes from AFP via the BRG Townsend newsletter. How many other projects are being slowed already I wonder:

The worsening Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) situation in China has forced the postponement of negotiations that would lead to the Shanghai Automobile Group buying out the bankrupt China Automobile Group’s 10% stake in Shanghai Volkswagen. When the deal is complete, Shanghai Automobile Group will have increased its stake in Shanghai Volkswagen to 50%. That would make SAG an equal partner with Germany’s Volkswagen.


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