Blog: Dave LeggettSARS and China

Dave Leggett | 2 May 2003

Anyone interested in prospects for China's automotive market and industry should keep an eye on the impact of SARS on China's booming industry and economy. The year has got off to a very strong start in terms of car demand and production (running at double last year's level in Q1), but there are worries that a slowdown is coming. How abrupt could it be? I was speaking to Graeme Maxton of Autopolis yesterday and we both agreed that it was way too early to say, but that there is very valid cause for concern. Graeme is based in Singapore and therefore taking a closer interest in SARS than many. One slightly worrying thing is that he said some of those infected with SARS in Hong Kong and declared 'recovered' have recently been re-admitted to hospital. As I say, early days for SARS.


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