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Dave Leggett | 23 May 2008

My colleague Will Johnston (he's on the commercial side of the publishing company of which just-auto is a part) tells me there are opportunities for people interested in working here on the sales side.

Our customers are typically high level execs within large companies. New employees will be expected to network within an industry via conferences and also use the phone to set up meetings. Whilst the positions will be primarily office-based, there is scope for overseas travel. About 80% of our business is abroad.

Will tells me that new employees will need to be 'hungry for success, not afraid of a huge challenge and able to hit the ground running with little supervision'.

'This is part of a major sales push for us and we are recruiting for several positions.  A good fit will probably be someone with 2-3 years in sales, looking for the next step up the ladder. They will be hard working and have realistic expectations with regard to development and salary.'

Maybe I could add that we have quite a bit of fun in the office and also when out and about - people without a sense of humour need not apply.

For more, click on the link.

Sales opportunities at Aroq/just-auto


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