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Dave Leggett | 9 April 2010

There is plenty of scepticism around over the fallout from the demise of MG Rover and stated plans for the eventual resumption of significant vehicle assembly at Longbridge following initial plant 'lift and shift', intellectual property transfer and the selling off of most of the site. I don't think SAIC is assembling many of the roadsters that are in essence born again MGFs. They're a tough thing to sell, even if they are cheap. A used MX-5 might be better to live with. And the Chinese don't really go for that sort of thing, either, so the emphasis there has been firmly on saloons - starting with the 75.

What of export plans for other MG badged cars? I'd guess the possible volumes are being heftily talked up, as seems to be the Chinese way. There is talk of assembling more cars at Longbridge, including the 'MG6'.

There is a review of the MG6 (the planned MG version of the just-launched in China Roewe 350) in Autocar which is interesting. It's a very good drive, apparently.

A google news search on MG6 took me to a number of Chinese language sites. One said - and I think it's a clever if unusual play on the MG6 name - 'Magic Glory Sexy' followed by a gizillion Chinese characters. Those are three words that you wouldn't have put with the old MG Maestro, that's for sure.

Autocar review of MG6


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