Blog: Dave LeggettSAIC strategy unfolding

Dave Leggett | 21 April 2005

Looks like all went pretty much according to plan for SAIC on getting what it wanted out of Rover as the company is busy setting up production in China and is even approaching some MG Rover suppliers for help. Maybe, once production of the 75 is up and running and a deal has been done with BMW on the Rover name, they will be approaching down at heel MG Rover dealers (those that are left, that is) as well? 

On another note, there's an interesting article in this week's Autocar magazine looking at how a business model for MG could emerge from the Longbridge ashes. I would guess that someone somewhere sees a future for MG and the idea of developing new MG models at low cost using the kind of technology developed by Lotus Engineering (Variable Vehicle Architecture - VVA) is certainly intriguing. I wonder how John Moulton is getting on with the administrators? If he doesn't resurrect his old proposal seriously, I wouldn't mind betting that a carmaking group somewhere might be interested. Perhaps a Chinese one!

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