Blog: Dave LeggettSafety observations: cars, cyclists and pedestrians

Dave Leggett | 20 November 2014

Some interesting observations here on road safety, its costs and the risks you may run if you choose to cycle or walk, rather than drive, in some places. Also, there are some interesting historical and economic factors that will have shaped those risks and your associated safety. Safety comes with costs and improving the "safety" of the motorised vehicle with fancy passive/active safety tech is only a part of the wider picture when considering all road users.

Reminds me of an occasion a few years ago when I walked to a local bar near my hotel in Dearborn. Let's just say that even though the distance was less than half a mile, probably took about 10 minutes and I was in a built-up area, choosing to walk along busy roads that I discovered came without pavements (or sidewalks) probably had me marked down by passing drivers as some kind of crazy.

Economist Blog: Cycling in Florida: Uneasy rider

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