Blog: Dave LeggettSafer power windows

Dave Leggett | 20 August 2003

We just posted a story on a US campaigners' call for safer power window systems and I'm surprised the US car makers seemingly lag in this area. If memory serves, there was a well-publicised case here in Europe in the 1980s where a child leaned out the window of a parked car, also leaned on the 'up' side of a switch and, well, you can guess the tragic consequence. It seems a similar event has prompted recent developments in America.

I can't see why US car makers haven't installed safe power windows before now as I believe it was General Motors' European arm that either invented 'em or was the first to put them in a popular family car - the 1988 Opel/Vauxhall Vectra. I remember designer Wayne Cherry proving they worked to sceptical journalists - holding his hand in the opening as the glass purred up. Slight bump, the window retracts, maybe at most Junior gets a fright and a minor bruise. Better than being guillotined.

You'd think, in lawsuit-happy America, the Big Three would have had this one sorted a bit earlier.

Graeme Roberts


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