Blog: Dave LeggettSaab goes to the wire

Dave Leggett | 22 December 2009

Was GM's wind-down announcement on Friday designed to get things moving and focus the minds of potential bidders? It certainly seems to have sparked activity at Spyker. Maybe there is still a chance for Saab, even if it is slim.

Mark 'Coolbear' Bursa raises an interesting idea in his thoughtful article published today on just-auto: “How about 'doing a Mini' with a retro 96, a unique car with a rich history in motorsport. All it would take is a reskinned mainstream platform, and a competent design team could update the 96's original slippery profile into a product that could rival Mini or Fiat 500. You could even bring back the lovely 1950s 'aeroplane' logo in place of the Scania griffin. A cheaper, but still premium 'new 96' would boost volume too, getting Trollhattan back up to that 100,000 target sooner rather than later.”

I'd love to see some car designers set to work on that.

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