Blog: Dave LeggettSaab and Spyker

Dave Leggett | 11 December 2009

If Saab gets a reprieve and leaves GM for a new owner with a credible business plan, I'll be pleased for the people in Trollhattan. They at least deserve a shot at survival after two decades of virtual neglect under GM. And they now have an all-new 9-5 to take to the market. If they get an opportunity for a fresh start, I'll certainly be wishing them well on what will be a challenging mission ahead.

Is Spyker a prospective new owner with credibility? That's a question that a few people will be asking. All I'll say is that it is a small firm and one that was in considerable financial difficulty a few years ago after a disastrous involvement with F1. And the market environment lately hasn't exactly been conducive to sales of its high-end sports cars, so I'd guess the firm isn't exactly rolling in cash. That said, it has significant shareholders in Russia and the Middle East who may well have access to finance. 

I interviewed the CEO Victor Muller about a year ago, so there's some interesting colour and background on Spyker in there.  

NETHERLANDS/SWEDEN: Spyker still interested in Saab

INTERVIEW: Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars N.V.


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