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Glenn Brooks | 11 May 2011

I have been looking into the Saab-Hawtai possibilities and I believe that, potentially, Hawtai and Saab have much to offer one another. The sceptics who have recently publicly pondered an alleged embellishment of Hawtai's claimed sales and production numbers are right to have asked the company to prove its own numbers. Yet so long as the firm has the funds to help Saab grow in the medium term, what Hawtai built or did not build in 2010 is not something that really matters. What does, is the potential for a tight manufacturing and distribution alliance using Hawtai’s underutilised but ultra-modern plants. Powertrains might also follow, especially as Saab seeks to replace its current GM-sourced engines and gearboxes. As just these few examples show, the sceptics are wise to ask questions, but they should keep an open mind too.

ANALYSIS: Saab under Hawtai Motor – could it fly?

Incidentally, I wonder how long the deal has been in gestation...have a look at the image on this link.

I was initially puzzled as to why this 9-5 is RHD but then realised the pic's been flipped: that brown Hawtai Santa Fe also has its wipers parked on the wrong side for China.

Saab 9-5 pops up in China at a Hawtai dealer


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