Blog: Dave LeggettRussian market opportunity - Stadco

Dave Leggett | 8 January 2007

British-based Body-in-White (BIW) producer Stadco has identified an interesting market opportunity in the Russian auto industry. It reckons a raft of firms starting operations there will be interested in contracting out BIW and sub-assembly work to Stadco as the volumes involved aren't sufficient to justify investing in their own press shops. It's an interesting strategy and the firm appears to have found what would appear - on paper anyway - to be the perfect local partner in Severstal-Auto.

I recall hearing an intriguing presentation given by the company's head Vasily Boitsov (click here for summary).

If you are interested in the Russian market and industry, there's an upcoming conference that may be of interest (Adam Smith).

UK/RUSSIA: Stadco to expand in Russia


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