Blog: Dave LeggettRussia: SUV heaven

Dave Leggett | 1 July 2008

As we await the horror stats on the June US light vehicle market (Chrysler has announced a plant closure on the back of yet another truck sales mauling), here's something that provides a contrast.

I came across an article in The Moscow Times which highlights the perceived benefits of SUVs in Russia - despite higher pump prices there also. SUVs are very hot sellers in Russia currently. Obviously, there are plenty of Russians with money and SUVs are apparently very well suited to Russian driving conditions where you might want high ground clearance in order to negotiate a kerb or pothole.

Love that 'Out of the Way!' caption on a Hummer billboard. I'm no big Hummer fan myself, but there's a kind of raw honesty about that which I guess must say something about the kind of place Russia is right now.

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