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Dave Leggett | 26 November 2007

We ran an interesting feature today on a new bioethanol plant in Norfolk, UK. The Big Wig who did the opening was Lord Rooker and he trotted out the usual government line that incentives aren’t needed to make the fuel more attractive to British motorists. The Treasury doesn’t like giving anything away, we all know that, but it can take with one hand and give with the other. The way things are balanced on the taxation front (mainly fuel duty) people are having to pay extra to run cars on E85. No wonder the market is stalling.

Are some civil servants tasked to examine this stuff properly? Let’s hope so and that the public line being maintained by government ministers would be subject to the results of detailed assessments that go a little bit further than Lord Rooker’s bland remarks that appear to betray a frighteningly superficial understanding of the subject. 

(His smile for the camera wasn’t up to much either and it's a slightly bizarre shot with him holding a sugar beet. But c’mon mate, let's have a smile....think of something funny!)

FEATURE: UK bioethanol plant opens but govt still cool on incentives



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