Blog: Dave LeggettRomania automotive conference

Dave Leggett | 25 July 2008

There is a fair bit going on in Romania's auto industry these days. We recently had a colourful feature from Mark 'Coolbear' Bursa that neatly interweaved developments at Dacia with the country's recent history.

A conference firm, WBR, has been in touch with me over an event, AutoRomania08 (below link) that's coming up which does actually look quite good in terms of the programme and speakers.

The Romanian prime minister is even opening the event - a clear sign of how strategically important the auto industry and its inward investment has become to the Romanian government.

Did you hear that the European Commission has suspended all funding for neighbouring Bulgaria because the money was being syphoned into the pockets of organised criminals?

I gather there are problems in Romania, too - though not as bad as Bulgaria - and it is also close to having penalties imposed by the EU unless it gets busier with reforms and tackling corruption. Corruption inquiries there are not exactly pursued vigorously, according to the Commission.

If you go to the conference you can always ask the prime minister how reforms and the battle against corruption are going. Maybe over coffee rather than in front of everyone.



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