Blog: Dave LeggettRoad rage cards

Dave Leggett | 8 December 2004

There's a market for everything isn't there? Human nature and all that. Road rage? Not me squire. I'm a peaceful gent, me - like to keep my karma in credit. I reckon I'm more likely to be on the receiving end of road rage these days.  In fact, I sometimes smile broadly at people who are getting things out of proportion .

Actually, I've had my moments dishing road rage too. Haven't we all? Of course, the other parties were always reckless, totally in the wrong etc. But aside from the odd gesture or mimed obscenity, communicating on the highway can be difficult. How do you get your message across in a targeted way? 

Maybe these cards are the answer to making your point as clearly as possible. But a word of warning. The creature at the wheel of the errant vehicle may well be low down in the food chain and deserving of a little criticism, but it may also be waiting, in an enraged state, at the next set of lights. And it may not have a terribly well developed sense of humour.


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