Blog: Dave LeggettRoad congestion - VW's answer

Dave Leggett | 20 October 2007

The Friday just gone was tagged 'Black Friday' by Trafficmaster and the RAC here in Britain. In Britain, that day of the year is the day statistically likely to see the worst congestion on the roads. A Friday in October? Not a bank holiday, or Easter, I hear you say? Apparently not. This time of the year sees a confluence of negatives - not many people on vacation, kids all back at school, the weather is not so good and the nights are a drawing in. The traffic is naturally heavy and accidents are more common around now. It's a double whammy that can make you forget that driving can be fun.

Edmund King, Executive Director of the RAC Foundation, said: "Today is named ‘Black Friday’ due to the expected extra congestion on the roads, but it could equally be ‘Black Friday’ for being the worst day of the week for fatalities and serious injuries on the road.  More car users are killed and injured between 4 and 6 pm on a Friday night than at any other time during the week. So to avoid ‘Black Friday’ becoming ‘Fatal Friday’, motorists should take extra care on the roads."

A-men to that.

But what are we to do if we want to actually enjoy some clear roads. Volkswagen's marketing people have one answer to the conundrum: get out at night. There's a curious website built around that one idea (warning: the looped background tune could induce a coma)...


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