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Glenn Brooks | 7 January 2015

Sensible Cedric

Sensible Cedric

The fantastically named Cedric, once hugely popular in Japan as a taxi, has been laid to rest. 

The writing was on the wall when the Cedric's twin, the Gloria (I promise I'm not making this up) was discontinued for retail customers in 2004. Both cars dated to 1999 but the original Cedric first appeared in 1960 as a rival for the Toyota Crown. An ancient Crown taxi is in fact still built, and I have blogged about that car before

We all have our favourite ludicrously named Japanese vehicles. Of ones currently in production, mine include a brace of Suzuki scooters: Let's 4 Basket, Birdie and Address; a Hino bus called the Pon'cho; the Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great and Canter Guts; and of course, the Toyota Dyna Dump.

As for cars, the ones which make me smile the most are the Suzuki Solio Bandit; Nissan Dayz Roox, Wingroad and Lafesta Highway Star; Mitsubishi Town Box, Proudia and Dignity; Mazda Carol, Flair Wagon and Scrum Wagon; Honda Freed Spike and Step WGN Spada; plus the Toyota Spade, Rush and a version of the Crown taxi, the Comfort Training Car.

If any of the above has got you interested, treat yourself to a copy of this wonderful soft-cover book. Oh, the shame-filled delight of leafing through its pages.

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