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Dave Leggett | 26 January 2010

I interviewed ex-Ford engineering supremo Richard Parry-Jones yesterday – the interview will first appear in the next edition of the Lotus Engineering publication proActive. If you know your Ford history, he was a key figure in the development of the 1998 Ford Focus and it was certainly interesting to hear his views on product development generally, as well as matters such as the challenges facing the auto industry, the '50-metre test' and what Jackie Stewart taught him, and the UK government initiative that is the 'Automotive Council'. His time management in 'semi-retirement' (he left Ford at the end of '07) sounded pretty good – I won't go through the lengthy list of outdoor sports he participates in.

We did the interview down the telephone as he drove from his home in Wales to London. Fair play, he could have been sat in an office with a cup of tea - very composed and clear. In what was near perfect timing, we finished the interview as he reached a tube station in London to park. Was he taking the tube? No, he was transferring to a Brompton fold-away bicycle, which he maintains is the best way to get around central London. Fascinating bloke.   


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