Blog: Dave LeggettRetro ain't dead yet

Dave Leggett | 8 August 2003

Some pundits reckon retro car design's day is over but General Motors just announced plans to do a crossover based on the '49 Chevrolet Suburban for the 2006 model year. If it's as nice looking as the SSR pickup it must have a chance.

GM says the '06 crossover, currently called HHR, will be much bigger than Chrysler's PT Cruiser which I have just - finally - sampled in 2.2-litre Mercedes-Benz diesel engine form. The one a friend turned up in seemed well enough made, looked great with all those chrome highlights offsetting dark metallic paint, and drove well, without too much row from the Merc engine.

This one has already been shown to journalists and politicians in the US - could Chrysler be the company that really puts diesel back on the map Stateside? I'd like to think so.
Graeme Roberts


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