Blog: Dave LeggettReshuffles at Ford of Britain

Dave Leggett | 6 February 2004

I hear that some serious reshuffles are in the air at the top of Ford of Britain reflecting growing concern about the company's poor sales performance in the UK. Aside from the widely appreciated and critically acclaimed 'evil Ka' web commercial (which will, I believe, now be shown on German TV - Bavarian pigeon fanciers won't like it), Ford's UK sales and marketing operation certainly hasn't had a lot to crow about lately. The Ford brand still leads the British car market but lost almost a full percentage point share in Britain in 2003 (at 14.7% versus 15.6% in 2002). And to rub salt in the Ford wounds, GM's Vauxhall managed to notch-up a small share gain in the same period (from 12.4% in 2002 to 12.7%  in 2003). 


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