Blog: Dave LeggettRenault's X90 in Iran

Dave Leggett | 18 March 2004

Yesterday's announcement from Renault concerning its new JV in Iran has been some time coming and I was beginning to wonder if it would really happen. If the X90 vehicle is priced right, can do what is expected of it (including operate as a taxi) there is potentially a huge market in Iran from owners of Paykans (effectively, Hillman Hunters) seeking a more modern replacement.

Price will be critical though, along with consumer finance – ideally, a way needs to be found to put viable finance structures in place. That’s not so easy in a country run as a theocracy on strictly Islamic lines, but relying on cash sales only (the situation in Iran at present) will certainly be - at the very least - a significant constraint to future success, I think.  

FRANCE: Renault sets up Iranian joint venture


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