Blog: Dave LeggettRenault's Nissan boost

Dave Leggett | 11 February 2004

As the DaimlerChrysler merger row trial comes to a conclusion, the contrast between DC's wobbly path since creation and the performance of Renault-Nissan's alliance over the same period couldn't be greater. I remember thinking: Renault and Nissan - that's got to be doomed (ah, the Leggett intuition). Leaving industrial match to one side, just think of mixing French corporate culture and Japanese! Lots of clashes, could be a real mess.

But it wasn't of course. Renault's management - and especially Carlos Ghosn - seem to have behaved in a manner which has got the best out of their Japanese counterparts. There must have been reassurance and also, on the Japanese side, some gratitude that Renault was getting Nissan out of a hole. Somehow, it has all come together very smoothly (new models, shared platforms, industrial strategy, Nissan 180) and - although I know the Japanese wouldn't exactly scream and shout about problems to the outside world - rumblings of dissent from Japan seem few and far between. Compare and contrast...


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