Blog: Dave LeggettRenault's 5,000 euro X90 model

Dave Leggett | 25 April 2003

Some interesting comments were made by Renault's Louis Schweitzer at the Barcelona Motor Show about the 'X90' - a 5,000 euro budget model for emerging markets that will be made in Russia, Romania and possibly Iran. He said that it is 'not a small car' and that the markets where the 'large sedan' (his words) will be sold demanded a sizeable replacement to a vehicle such as the old Renault 12-derived Dacia. If Renault achieves a genuine 5,000 euro base model that fits that bill, that will be pretty good going. Echoes of Volkswagen's upcoming Polo-based 249 and VW's decision to ditch the smaller Lupo. Sounds like consumers in Central and Eastern Europe can look forward to more competition and more car for their buck.


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