Blog: Dave LeggettRenault/Dacia Logan

Dave Leggett | 6 October 2004

It took Renault a while to get the deal to make the €5,000 Logan in Iran finally signed off. I gather that there was a backlash amongst some of the religious conservatives in the theocracy that is Iran who objected to dealing with a Western company. The political situation in Iran is something Renault would be wise to keep an eye on. The last parliamentary elections held there were boycotted by many supporters of reform and a more liberal society, which meant that hardliners were elected by default. Could be a bumpy road ahead for Renault in Iran, although the prize is potentially a big one as all those Paykans come up for replacement. 

Nice cartoon in this week's Automotive News Europe based on the marketing proposition for the Logan in Europe. A car salesman is leaning nonchalantly against one of the said cars, sipping coffee while prospective buyers peer into the cabin. Signs around him proclaim huge discounts and stupendous deals to the price of €8,500. He's standing next to a sign that reads:

'€5,000 + 4 Tyres and radio €8,500. Take it or leave it.'


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