Blog: Dave LeggettRenault taking a spanking in Europe

Dave Leggett | 16 May 2007

Carlos Ghosn's ambitious plans for Renault aren't being helped at all by a sluggish performance in Europe this year. I remember thinking at the Paris Show last September that the planned product blitz was getting off to a thin start this year with just the new Twingo and Laguna models on the product action front.

Renault sales results this year imply that a major crank-up is needed at some point in order to get to where Renault is supposed to be in 2009 in Europe. And is Renault shaping up to be an upscale, higher-margin, brand by then? Clearly, next year will be a pivotal year for Renault.

It's maybe a reminder that fortunes change quickly in this industry. CEOs walking on water who can do no wrong one minute, can be under a bit of pressure the next.

FRANCE: Renault revenue falls 2.7% in Q1

BELGIUM: European car market slipped in April


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