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Dave Leggett | 15 February 2006

What do you make of Renault’s car designs of recent years? Differentiation through design? Cars like Megane II certainly stand out from the crowd, but it’s rear-end courted controversy from the off. Love it or hate it? That seemed to be the big question. Interesting to see Renault’s product man Patrick Pelata laying into Megane II and even the Modus after Carlos Ghosn’s big strategy presentation last week. It suggests that the next raft of models will be rather less controversial in appearance. Not altogether sure what I think about that.

Pelata's forthright comments also had me wondering what morale is like in the Renault design department right now. Sometimes hard messages are communicated via the media. This one was nicely set up in a post-Ghosn roundtable with journalists (Chris Wright, who did the story for us, was invited to it). He knew exactly what he was saying and how it would be reported. I wonder who Pelata is mainly trying to reach with that message? Shareholders? 'The medium-term plan that takes us into new segments is risky enough, but we're not going over the edge with designs like Avantime; the designers are being reined in, don't worry...' 

FRANCE: Pelata slams 'love it or hate it' Renault designs


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