Blog: Dave LeggettRenault at Paris

Dave Leggett | 22 September 2004

I’m starting to get a tad excited about going to the press day in Paris tomorrow. I’ll have quite a bit to fit in, especially people to see, but I’m also looking forward to getting a good look at some of the stands and seeing some of the important debuts. But I can’t help thinking that Renault’s Paris line-up looks a bit thin. There’s the Fluence concept and it’s always interesting to get a clue on how some upcoming production models may look, but that’s where Renault’s Paris show looks like a bit of a damp squib. As far as I can see, much is being made of the Modus – a B-segment MPV on the new Renault-Nissan B platform. It is a significant model (though essentially a niche one, albeit 'large niche'), but it's already on sale and has been very heavily promoted in a Renault ad campaign on TV, so is hardly new or even seemingly new. And what else is there? I’d wondered about the next Clio (the current one is well long in the tooth now), but that, I understand, will be out next year and is therefore probably set for a Geneva rollout. Two years ago we had Megane II. This show just seems a little bit thin for Renault on the production debut side. Hopefully, the Dacia Logan will be there. That would be a good one to crawl all over and I'm sure a few of Renault's competitors would make a B-line for it. As would suppliers.


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