Blog: Dave LeggettRenault as a prestige brand

Dave Leggett | 8 May 2003

I gather that output of the Renault Vel Satis is running at around 100 units a day, about half of what Renault was hoping for. Leaving aside the issue of the car's radical appearance, I cannot help thinking that the Renault brand just isn't strong enough to credibly support high-end cars, at least outside of France. Louis Schweitzer knows that there are reliability issues for Renault - which are certainly being helped by the alliance with Nissan - but it will take time for Renault to be perceived as a quality brand. Schweitzer still insists that Renault has no need to adopt or create a prestige brand and that the Renault brand can support upmarket cars. It all boils down to one question: why would the person in the market for a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus opt instead for a mass market brand with a slightly dodgy quality reputation?


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