Blog: Dave LeggettRenault and Nissan

Dave Leggett | 24 May 2005

Some interesting observations from Rob Golding on the respective financial positions of Renault and Nissan. Put simply, says Rob, Renault has done too good a job on Nissan to be able to easily afford to buy its remaining shares. But pressure from shareholders for a full union of the two companies could build.

A bid for Renault by Nissan  isn’t beyond the realms of possibility either, as shareholders look to realise some €6 billion of implied additional value in a fully combined Renault-Nissan company. It’s a potential worry for the other ‘Golden Balls’ (besides footballer David Beckham), Carlos Ghosn, new boss of Renault who is feted in Japan for having sorted out former basket case Nissan.

Rob has also uncovered a little known and slightly risqué stat from Japan about Le Cost-Cutter that nearly had me choking on my morning muffin. It seems that Carlos Ghosn is the third most desirable inseminator as far as Japan’s young women are concerned (wonder who the other two ahead of him are?). Is being a corporate Big Wig a major aphrodisiac of some sort or do Japan’s young women want to bear his children for more calculating reasons? Either way, it’s a fair old stat to offer up to your peers isn’t it? Not an easy one to top.

GOLDING’S TAKE: Renault and Nissan: the next step is not Rennis but Nissault


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