Blog: Dave LeggettRecommend your car to a friend?

Dave Leggett | 15 October 2003

Would you recommend your car to a friend? UK consumer organisation 'Which?' has carried out the UK's largest reliability and satisfation survey (33,000 cars up to eight years old) and recently sent us the results. Much of what is in the results is not all that surprising - eg Fiat, Renault reliability problems; old Rover ranges and Daewoos unloved; BMWs, Toyotas and Lexi (the plural of Lexus) loved and reliable. Volkswagen gets a bit of a drubbing on reliability, which surprised me a bit. To quote directly from the report: 'VW Golf: Recent petrol models seem to struggle on the reliability front with an above-average number of breakdowns and faults...' And: 'Overall, VW is poor for reliability.' And yet Skoda Octavia (on Golf platform) has no reported reliability problems and scores very highly on satisfaction and % of owners who would recommend it.

Top 10 on % of owners who would recommend the model to a friend (% in brackets): BMW X5 (92); Toyota Yaris Verso (92); Skoda Octavia (90); Mazda MX-5 (89); Audi TT (88); Jaguar S-type (88); Lexus IS200 (88); Mini (88); Toyota Yaris (87); Skoda Fabia (86).

And - at the other end of the list - the roll of shame:

Ford Galaxy (49); Land Rover Freelander (49); Vauxhall Omega (49); Fiat Punto (44); Mitsubishi Carisma (42); Rover 45 (42); Rover 25 - some mistake here surely - (40); Peugeot 106 (38); Citroen Xsara (37); Citroen Saxo (34)


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