Blog: Dave LeggettRapeseed oil - marge or biodiesel?

Dave Leggett | 7 March 2007

Rapeseed oil can be used as an ingredient in the manufacture of biodiesel. It is also used as an ingredient in margarine. There's a possible conflicting claim on the EU's rapeseed oil harvest. There's a thought for you next time you 'butter' your toast with the stuff. So, we Europeans can either kill ourselves with butter because margarine can't be made in sufficient quantity as rapeseed has gone over to biodiesel, or we remain thin but rising water levels, climate change get us.

Tough choice. I guess we could go for peanut butter instead.

Seriously, Rob Golding conducted an interesting interview with ACEA's Ivan Hodac. If the margarine lobby get stroppy over rapeseed oil, he's really got the background for the job...

GOLDING'S CHAT: Ivan Hodac – the carmakers' man in Brussels


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