Blog: Dave LeggettRange Rover Evoque's Chinese clone

Dave Leggett | 21 April 2015

Jiangling brand Landwind is causing waves at Shanghai with its X7 SUV that bears a very strong resemblance to Land Rover's hugely successful Range Rover Evoque.

Sounds like JLR realises that there is not much redress to this in China, where copycat cars have been a thorny historical issue (though less so in recent years). Most OEMs have accepted that it's part of the Chinese landscape and something to keep on top of (make displeasure known, ensure the model is for the local market only). It can be seen as a kind of cost of doing business there. The authorities in China rarely clamp down on it.

Will it hurt Land Rover that there is a locally produced 'clone' on the market for a third of the price of the locally-made Evoque? It's obviously something JLR could do without, but I somehow doubt it will be all that damaging. The inferior local product will find a market, of course, but there will also be a differentiated market for the real deal, the Land Rover. The Chinese like status symbols as well as the higher quality and kudos that comes with driving foreign brands rather than domestic ones. A bigger worry might be a back-door counterfeit model, or aftermarket rebadging...

As the Chinese like to think, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

Nice piece here that compares the styling of the two models in some detail.


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