Blog: Dave LeggettRadical Ford Mondeo for '06

Dave Leggett | 20 January 2004

I hear that rapidly falling sales in the European D-Segment have convinced Ford that the next Ford Mondeo replacement needs to be a radical car and something of a move away from the traditionally conservatively styled products that dominate the segment. That sounds like a pretty good idea. I would imagine that an MPV-like design is quite likely, so that the vehicle can perhaps appeal to the people in Europe who have been deserting segment D in droves for compact MPVs like the Renault Scenic. But the number of people who go for a larger straight 7-seater MPV such as the Ford Galaxy is pretty limited though (the Galaxy's footprint is Mondeo sized). So the next Mondeo - due in 2006 - perhaps has to have MPV characteristics but be sufficiently car-like to not appear to be a conventional MPV. Interesting design brief.


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