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Dave Leggett | 6 April 2011

We have launched a new product today. That's a line I don't get to use often.

Some of you who are familiar with just-auto will already know that we produce 'research' that is in addition to the content that is rolled out every day on just-auto. It provides people with a little more market information on component sectors, market forecasts and the technical developments that are shaping this industry.

Until not so long ago, these 'research reports' and company profiles were available in pdf or doc format and produced on publishing cycles – typically 18 months. That was stuff that lived in our just-auto research store, available for people to purchase. It kind of co-existed with the regular just-auto content, with an occasional meeting of the two worlds when a feature from a research report was published on just-auto.

Bringing these two worlds together may have been an intuitive no-brainer, but it has also come with plenty of practical issues – not least designing a new platform that can handle the bigger content load alongside the functionality that we know people want. A lot of hard work has gone into bringing all of our content together – research, analysis and daily news – in one searchable place. I and others have been working on this project since 2009. A fair bit of midnight oil has been burnt along the way.

The new platform is called QUBE and the real-time sector services are now available in just-auto's research store.

Why 'QUBE'? Well, basically a cube is three-dimensional, and this platform combines the three elements of content we weave together: "information, insights and intelligence". Then marketing got a hold of it and thought replacing the 'C' with a 'Q' made the name a little more quirky and memorable, plus it tied in nicely with the Q in Aroq (just-auto's publisher).

So, that's a bit of background. You will be hearing more about it soon. Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions:

just-auto's new real-time intelligence platform


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